Date: March 12, 2011
By: Mahmoud Tarif
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The Sketchbook Project: Now That's a Group Exhibit

How many of us are artists looking for a venue, writers eager to be read, or people who just want an outlet for some creative energy that they just can’t keep inside? A Rhetorical question, but I think the answer is many of us. The Art House Co-op of the Brooklyn Art Library started a couple of brilliant initiatives, a couple of which are the Sketchbook Project and the Fiction Project. They send people (all people) who sign up an identical blank sketchbook/notebook, you fill it up with your drawings, sketches, ramblings, or fiction that explores one of many pre-approved themes, and then you send it back to them. Your notebook is then marked, catalogued, taken on tour for people to look at, read, or buy (if you want). And finally it finds a home in the Brooklyn Art Library, where people can check it out (and you even get a notification every time someone checks out your notebook). The collection is not curated so ALL the notebooks that are sent back are on display. And anyone from around the globe can participate. Last Sketchbook Project tour had 2,800 sketchbooks on display. Now that’s what I call a group exhibit!

Check out the projects and participate here:

The Sketchbook Project

The Fiction Project


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