Date: July 14, 2011
By: Ramy Nagy
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Cinerevolution, A Cinema at Tahrir Square

With crowds back in Tahrir Square in Cairo and a flash back of crowds sleeping overnight at the square, Omar Hamilton, with a team of friends and volunteers set up a small cinema for the crowd to submit videos and films for people to watch and share. According to Omar, “the Egyptian Revolution is up and running again. Tahrir Square has been occupied since July 8th, with more people arriving and setting up tents every day”

Omar with his team of friends and volunteers set up what they call  “Tahrir Cinema”, which is a screen to show people films to do with the Revolution. They welcome finished films, raw footage and documentaries.

The curation is open-source. Omar and his team ask people for any footage they have, any films they have made, any suggestions they’d like to see up there and they would be happy to screen it. Original screening material will be added to the Revolutionary Archive being built at Mosireen – a new citizen journalists’ collective.

So if you have any suggestions for what you’d like to see in Tahrir, add them to this Online Document. And if you have any footage from the Revolution that needs adding to the archive, write a comment to this post or send Omar a message on his page here.

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photo by Sherief Gaber (@cairocitylimits)
Project Submitted to Beena by Ayman Guemeih


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